Yakitori I


Our yakitori grill is a central-Texas take on a traditional Japanese grilling style. This multi-level grill allows for a versatile and adaptable cooking experience. Each rack can be moved to a higher position for resting or slow-cooking, or keep them in the lower positions for searing.

2 Cooking Grates – 14″ x 14″
1 Cooking Grate Tower
1 Insulated Fire Basin
1 Grate Handling Tool
1 Custom Ash Shovel

Weight – 120 Lbs
Overall Length – Approximately 24” (Including Handles)
Overall Width – Approximately 15”
Overall Height – Approximately 23” (Including Grate Towers)

(The cabinet is not available outside the U.S/Canada yet)

Optional Add-Ons
Yakitori I Lid – covers the charcoal basin, keeps excess moisture and debris out of basin.
Custom waterproof cover. The Yakitori should not be stored outside where it will be exposed to rain.

Each Yakitori is made-to-order. Please allow for a lead-time of 8-10 weeks.

Shipping is not included in the purchase price. Once complete, the Yakitori can be picked up at our shop at Holy Smoke BBQ free of charge. The Yakitori can also be shipped on a pallet. All shipping and handling fees will be invoiced separately near the completion date. We can provide a shipping and handling quote upon request.

For Mainland Europe inquiries only – go to Millscale.co for all orders/inquiries for the U.S/Canada.

Price € 1595.

The Yakitori I is priced €1595 outside US/Canada.

You can either pickup your smoker at Holy Smoke BBQ in Sweden or have it shipped to Mainland Europe.
Shipping is quoted upon request.

Estimated build time 8-10weeks

All U.S orders click here millscale.co

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